Ericsson Telecom

Ericsson Telecom AB (ERA/GG/YX)

Title: IMA Implementations Supervisor

Job description of Ericsson Telecom: Installation, upgrades, development, verification and documentation of Ericsson and Marconi Network Management Systems. Extensive work with optical transmission, and backbone network equipment.

My job as a specialist required in-depth knowledge of telecom backbone systems such as SDH, PDH and Erion DWDM systems and Marconi ETNA-NEM.

My main responsibility was the implementation, installation and support of the network management system Ericsson IMA NMS, with emphasis on maintaining the platform servers and the software itself. I also had the responsibility to educate the customer of the functionality of the NMS, how to use it efficiently and how to best support it.

Completed implementation and support projects for customers (most recent first)

Thrunet, Seoul, South Korea
Rogers Cable, Toronto, Canada
Meditel, Casablanca, Morocco
Digicel, Kingston, Jamaica
Era GSM, Warsaw, Poland
Sonera, Juvväskylä, Finland
Vodafone, Karlskrona, Sweden
Ericsson, Horsham, UK (in-house projects, development and training)

Patrik Nordlund
Ledungsgatan 6
60228 Norrköping
Telefon: 0739-602555